Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hale Isik-Guler

<!--:tr-->hale4<!--:-->Dr. Isik-Guler has been working at METU Department of Foreign Language Education since 2000.  She has earned her PhD degree in English Language Teaching (working in the field of pragmatics and more specifically on (Im)politeness)  from the same university.  She has worked as a Turkish Language and Culture instructor in the US (at Mercyhurst College, Department of World Languages and Cultures) during 2005-2006. Between 2008-2009, she has completed a year of post-doctoral research in the UK (at the University of Warwick, Centre for Applied Linguistics) on corpus development.

Her major research interests include  pragmatics and discourse analysis, politeness theories, (im)politeness conceptualizations across languages,  intercultural communciation, and corpus linguistics (i.e. computer assisted corpus transcription, annotation and analysis)


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