(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a corpus?
A corpus is a large, usually computerized, database of spoken and/or written texts of a language, which allows for “searching for, retrieveing, sorting and calculating lingusitic data” (McEnery & Wilson 1996: 17).

How can you contribute to the project?
If you have analog or dijital archives of contemporary spoken Turkish interaction, you could contribute them to the corpus. Please fill in the Contributing Archives Form for further information.

The face-to-face and telephone conversations in the Spoken Turkish Corpus consists of recordings of consenting participants. The Consent Form and the Recording Information Form can be obtained by writing to the email address of the Project (odtustd@metu.edu.tr).

Alternatively, if it is impossible for you to obtain the consent of the participants in the conversations, you can still contribute your archive. Under this condition, the corpus will only present the transcriptions of the archive, and links to the audio and/or video recordings of the conversations will not be made. The transcriptions of such recordings will also replace real names of individuals and institutions with pseudonyms.