Revised Form of The Spoken Turkish Corpus Demo Version Is Available!

odtu std logoThe Spoken Turkish Corpus Demo Version (std_demo) is ready for inspection and non-commercial use by researchers.

The corpus presents a total of 18 selection of audio recordings and archives from Radyo ODTÜ. The recordings in std_demo have been analyzed only for basic transcription and certain discursive features. Some quantitative and qualitative features of the corpus are provided in Main Features of STC Demo Version page.

If you would like to browse std_demo or use it in your research, we kindly ask you to sign and scan the User Agreement, and e-mail it to We will e-mail your password, which is required to access std_demo through the same address.

Researchers who wish to browse the Spoken Turkish Corpus Sample Version (std_sample) need not sign the User Agreement, but are kindly requested to observe the speaker rights described in the User Agreement and abide by the copyright restrictions announced on the home page of the web site.

The Spoken Turkish Corpus is being hosted by the Department of Foreign Language Education at Middle East Technical University.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who are contributing to the construction of the Spoken Turkish Corpus.